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Join-in/Group Travel

 Join In /Group Travel


As discussed under Private Travel and Theme Travel, we offer very low minimums for customized domestic travel itineraries – just 4 people travelling. Our standard domestic ready made offers are for as little as 2 people !

Under join-in travel is for individuals and couples who would like to either join an international tour, or individuals seeking to join a domestic tour.  Tours are THEMED, meaning the participants will have much joint interest and passion for the theme's undertaking. Therefore, you will be joining individuals just like you, offering an excellent underlying social fabric.

Domestic travel will be in small groups – generally 4-8 people.

International Travel is also THEMED, arguably with participant’s profound and confirmed interest in the Theme since such travel is longer and more costly. Additionally, our themes attract individuals of similar age, therefore adding to the group's social cohesion.  International travel is more pricey, therefore the fixed costs are mitigated and offset by somewhat higher number of participants, yet still small for this type of travel – average of 16.

Don’t see a trip with your special Theme of interest ? Contact us maybe we can build one and find other travellers join you …..