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Private Travel




Australian VIP  Travels generally makes tours catering to private groups.  That’s right, for our domestic offers, we either :

1)      Custom make an itinerary according to your interests and preferences exclusively for your travel needs. 

2)      Offer a variety of the most popular ready made theme based trips (fishing, family, scuba diving…) that would me booked exclusively for your friends/family. 


To be absolutely clear, your travel itinerary would not be shared by other strangers, no mass groups board the buss/follow the flag type tours, none at all !

You may take advantage of our ready made packages, even weekend offers from a minimum of only 2 people travelling.

For custom build itineraries, we require a minimum of 4 people travelling, else a tour of a week or longer for 2 people.

You retain the flexibility to book your own airfare, use points of preferred airlines, frequent flyer points, or outsource flight bookings to us. For travel itineraries (net of airfare) of less than $5000 we add a $50 service fee. For itineraries above $5000, the flight bookings are complementary.

The value added we provide is know how/product knowledge.  As your travel experts, we would advise on seasonal weather, suitable tours /activities for your age/ability, explain in detail each, arrange only licensed and reputable operators to service you.   


We are not Travel Agents.  We are not in the reselling business. We are Tour Operators-  we build own travel products and therefore know everything about our product.  We try tour components ourselves before incorporating them into our travel itineraries.  For international travel, we still control the process by using our own European or Asian 100% owned subsidiaries to create travel offers.

 In certain cases of international travel, we would participate in a suggested itinerary first and therefore examine services of a local resident wholesaler, before jointly working with them on an itinerary built exclusively for our purposes with our own quality control processes in place. We always have a local resident, in every destination we offer to address any immediate client needs.

Private Travel is the ultimate “Ferrari” of the travel experience !