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Theme-Based Travel

Theme Travel

Mass tourism and generic sightseeing is just something we frown on!
A Motels Crew of individuals whose only common unity is the timing of their holidays is just not a tightly cohesive group.
Family and friends are the best groups to travel with, and here we are able to execute domestic custom tours from a minimum of 4 on a long journey.
However, there are times when no one in your immediate social circle is available to accompany you, and a join in tour is appropriate. Meet people who share your common passions and interests is exciting, and therefore we step up to the plate by providing THEME TOURS where the joining individuals are just like you!
Joint interests and experiences will translate to lasting friendships, as you exchange stories, opinions about topics that interest and are relevant for you. A valuable holiday indeed!
Therefore our Theme Based tours are superb for established groups of passionates (private itineraries) as well as single individuals or couples seeking to expand their social networks and meet other like minded people.
All of the travel categories we will always have a Theme. We already have on offer;

• Fishing                                        
• Scuba Diving
• Family Travel
• Sailing
• Outback 4x4
• Wellness & Spa tours

• White Christmas in Europe
• Medical Travel
• Men's Singles Tours
• Ladies Shopping and Pampering Tours
• Senior's Tours
• Historical Tours

Do not see the tour of your passion? Let us know, we will build one! After all, we are a factory tour ... we can make just about anything we like.