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Northern Poland: From Warsaw to the Baltic Sea

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duration: 26 days

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• See the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Heart of Europe

Consultations with European MedicalSpecialists
• Exciting Activities & Entertainment
• Copernicus, Gingerbread & Amber
• Explore Colorful Medieval Towns
• 4 * Hotels & Festive Fine Dining
• Small Intimate Groups
• Luxury Spa Resort &
Complimentary Treatments

DAY 1 (D)
Meeting at the airport. Departure from Australia.

DAY 2 (B, L, D)
A stopover and rest in Dubai, Hong Kong or other Asian city. Guided city tour, local attractions & dining. Overnight lodging

DAY 3 (B, L, D)
Arrival in Warsaw, Poland. You will be met by the airport by our representative. Transfer to the hotel. Rest and relax after the journey. We'll finish the day with a festive dinner - traditional local cuisine.

DAY 4 (B, L, D)
Today we'll visit the Old Town in Warsaw which was meticulously reconstructed after the WWII. Later, in the afternoon, we will enter the Royal Castle, for a guided tour. The castle was home to Polish kings (and later the Parliament) starting from the 16th century.

DAY 5 (B, L, D)
Further sightseeing of Warsaw. We'll have a look at the Palace of Culture and
Science which at 231 meters is the tallest building in Poland and the sixth tallest building in the European Union. Built in 1955 by order of Joseph Stalin and by many considered to be a symbol of Sovi-et domination during the communist era. The viewing platform at the top will al- low to see the panoramic view of the city.
We see the modern Warsaw, we will head to Wilanów Palace, which was built for king Jan III Sobieski at the end of the 17th century and is one of the most impressive monuments of Polish culture.

DAY 6 (B, L, D)
The Chopin Day - we will arrive in Żelazowa Wola, the birthplace of the famous Polish-French composer Frederic Chopin. We will look at his home to the tune of his timeless piano music. After our return to Warsaw, we will spend the afternoon exploring the wonderful Bathrooms Park, the largest park in Warsaw. There are many historical buildings and monuments located in this park, including the famous Water Palace where the last king of Poland resided in the 18th century.

DAY 7 (B, L, D)
We are leaving the capital and heading some 200 km north-west to the famous spa town of Ciechocinek. It is known for its unique saline graduation towers built in the 19th century - structures used in the manufacture of salt which remove wa-ter from a saline solution by evaporation, increasing its concentration of mineral salts. The tower consists of a wooden wall-like frame stuffed with bundles of brushwood (typically blackthorn) which have to be changed about every 5 to 10 years as they become encrusted with mineral deposits over time. The salt water runs down the tower and partly evap-orates; at the same time some minerals from the solution are left behind on the brushwood twigs.A simple walk and inhalation along these towers is a powerful respiratory treatment that improves cardiovascular, respiratory, orthopaedic, traumatic, rheumatic,
The presence of graduation towers, sa-line pool, numerous parks and green grounds as well as the location of the health resort in the Vistula valley contributed to the creation of the microclimate that is friendly for both people and nature.
Transfer to the spa resort, orientation upon arrival. A festive dinner in the even-ing.

During Their stay We provide our guests with a rich and diverse program, Which CONSIST of instrumental concerts, piano recitals, days of art - painting exhibi-tions, dancing with a music group, opera and folklore performances, feasts, camp fires and horse tram rides. There are also regularly held fairs of saline mass products, agrarian products, and shows of household articles of every kind.
The package includes consultations with doctors and treatments such as cryotheraphy (1-3 minutes in -120 ° C chamber), hydrotherapy, diets and mud baths.
There are also other activities available: bicycle rental, giant garden chess, table tennis, billiard, modern tuba solarium, aerobic classes, art and music therapy
During your stay at The Following offer
1-day trips included in the package:
Torun - an ancient city in northern Po-land, on the Vistula River. The medieval old town of Torun is the birthplace of astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, who proved that the Sun was not Earth, was in the center of our solar system.
Listed on the UNESCO list of World Herit-age Sites since 1997, Torun has many monuments of architecture beginning from Middle Ages.
The city is famous for having preserved almost intact its medieval spatial layout
and many Gothic buildings, all built from brick, including monumental churches, the Town Hall and many burgher houses. Torun is also famous for its first gingerbread made in the 14th century.
Gdansk - considered the most beautiful city on the Baltic coast, having a rich and magnificent architecture. It's also Po-land's principal seaport and a popular summer destination for many Poles and international tourists. Over the thousand years of history and turbulent events - this is where WWII started with shots fired from the battleship Schleswig-Holstein.
In modern history, Gdansk is known as the birthplace of Solidarity, the labor and democracy movement headed by Lech Walesa, that initiated the fall of Communism and was marked by the beginning of the Cold War, and the rise of Democracy in Eastern Europe.
Biskupin - an archaeological site and a life-size model of an Iron Age fortified settlement
Golub-Dobrzyn - Anna Vasa castle fa-mous for its tournaments
The Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork - the largest castle in the world by surface area, and the largest brick build-ing in Europe.
While staying at the spa the guests are provided with the opportunity to visit a medical specialist, and the dentist or a beauti-cian. There are also other high quality services available at pric-es.

DAY 21 (B, L, D)
Departure for Mazury - a region in north-eastern Poland famous for its 2,000 lakes. En-route we'll visit the old town of Olsztyn then we will arrive in the Wolf's Lair - Adolf Hitler's Eastern Front military headquarters in World War II, famous for the 1944 assassination attempt by Colo-Claus von Stauffenberg.
Later this afternoon we will arrive in Galindia - a historical land of an ancient tribe once inhabiting this area. There are many attractions awaiting our guests - feasts, historical recreations of ancient tribal rituals over bonfire, battles, search for amber and many more!

DAY 22 (B, L, D)
Another day with the pagan Galindia tribe. There are many activities possible during the day – a boat cruise on the lovely lake nearby, a kayak trip, a bike ride in the lush forest, a fishing trip, etc. In the evening we'll gather at the bonfire to celebrate, eat, sing and dance with our lovely hosts and other guests.

DAY 23 (B, L, D)
We're going back to Warsaw. Once there it is time to do some shopping and to prepare ourselves for the journey back home to Australia. Farewell dinner.

DAY 24 (B, L, D)
Airport transfer. Our representative will make sure you safely go through the de-parture procedures and board the right flight. Departure from Warsaw.

DAY 25 (B, L, D)
Flight over Asia.

DAY 26 (B)
Landing in Australia.
The end of the journey!


1) 20 May - June 2018 14
2) 17 June - 12 July 2018
3) July 15 - August 2018 9
4) 12 August - 6 September 2018


• meals: Full breakfast, lunch, dinner (buffet) - an option of dietetic meals if requested
• 24 hour medical help in case of emer-gency
• Two clinical Examinations + back check or foot examination
• group exercising - breathing-circulatory gymnastics
• a Nordic Walking demonstration lesson
• entry to the Wellness and Spa Complex to the 60 minutes (outdoor and indoor swimming pools with saunas)
• entry to the Salt Chamber for a 45 min session every other day
• cryotherapy & hydrotherapy sessions
• cultural and leisure activities organized during your stay


airport transfers, all transportation during the trip
• accommodation (4 *)
• meals according to the description
• English speaking tour guide and tour
• 25 Full Breakfasts
• 24 Lunches
• 25 Dinners


• airfares between Australia and Europe
• travel insurance
• optional activities
• not included in the program
• individual expenses

B - breakfast
L - lunch
D - dinner


Price from: $ 5,750 pp twin share